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Starknet roundup #97

This newsletter is made possible thanks to AVNU, the liquidity aggregator allowing users to get the best possible execution on Starknet.

In the complex world of decentralized trading, seeking the best rates can be a cumbersome task. With AVNU, you no longer need to manually search for the best exchange rates on Starknet: AVNU's innovative algorithm automatically finds and displays the best rates for you, unifying the fragmented liquidity landscape.

Therefore, say goodbye to inefficient trading and hello to time and money optimization. By aggregating the liquidity of all Starknet DEXs and employing a cutting-edge routing algorithm, AVNU ensures that you get the best possible execution for your trades on Starknet, all through a smooth and seamless UX.

Ready to elevate your trading experience? Start trading smartly on Starknet and use AVNU to enjoy its many benefits 👇️

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