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Starknet roundup #69

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We’re introducing changes to the syntax of Cairo 1 to improve safety and extensibility.
Transitioning from existing Cairo 1 code to the new syntax should be fairly easy and straightforward; only the “outermost layer” of the contract is affected.

The new syntax will take effect in Cairo’s next compiler version (v2.0.0), that will become available on Starknet v0.12.0.

The existing and new Cairo 1 syntaxes will live side by side for at least six months. That is, we encourage developers to migrate over to the new Cairo 1 compiler syntax, and you have six months to do so. This guarantee will hold for any future breaking changes on the compiler; contracts compiled with an old compiler version will be accepted on Starknet for at least six months after deprecation.

The new syntax will come in two phases. Only the first phase includes breaking changes.

The first phase focuses on safety (e.g., enforcement on view functions, clear distinction between pure functions and functions that modify the state)

The second phase focuses on extensibility - allowing smart contracts to use components written in external libraries.

We’re working with Cairo 1 auditors to ensure that re-auditing of Cairo 1 code will be painless and inexpensive.

This is a technical post intended for developers and anyone who likes reading about smart contract languages; proceed at your own peril!

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