Starknet roundup #68

Account Abstraction Security Pyramid

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Welcome to the 68th edition of my weekly comprehensive Starknet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻

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We are excited to share that the next vote on Starknet protocol upgrade is just around the corner. Starknet Alpha v0.12.0 15 is planned to be deployed on integration in mid-June, which will lead us to Goerli deployment and voting in the second half of June!

Starknet Alpha v0.12.0 brings a range of exciting enhancements focused on performance and user experience. Among the notable improvements is the introduction of a new Rust implementation for the sequencer. This version is expected to have a significant impact on the network - increased throughput and lower transaction latency.

In addition, this version will include the removal of the PENDING transaction status, which means that the transaction status will progress directly from RECEIVED to ACCEPTED_ON_L2, and the addition of a block hash syscall.

You can find more information here 15. Expect an additional post diving into all the proposed changes as we approach the integration period.

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