StarkNet roundup #65

Account Abstraction Security Pyramid

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Welcome to the 65th edition of my weekly comprehensive Starknet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻

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Starknet Community & Shamans Highlights

At Screenshot Labs, we believe that Non-Fungible digital assets will reshape the way we perceive and engage with global economies, and that StarkNet’s cutting-edge technology will be one of the driving forces behind this transformation at scale.

We have initiated two key projects within the StarkNet ecosystem to achieve this vision.

As we are preparing the Starknet ecosystem to enter in its growth phase in the upcoming months, it is required to prepare and build in anticipation the key infrastructures that will be necessary to support the business development phase. The Starklane NFT Bridge is one of them.

The Starklane NFT Bridge is a public good that aims to provide a seamless, secure, and efficient solution for transferring every types of NFT tokens between Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) and StarkNet Layer 2 (L2).

This global proposal outlines the strategy, the methodology, the benefits, the technical overview and the potential challenges. The bridge has for aim to support not only ERC-721 but also ERC-1155 tokens and have the ambition to accommodate to new token standards in the future.

As we continue to develop and refine our solution, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences by participating in our survey. Your feedback will help us ensure the Starklane NFT Bridge effectively addresses the needs and concerns of users, developers, and the StarkNet ecosystem.

Win an Everai : As a token of our appreciation, one lucky participant will win an Everai by completing the survey. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Please take a moment to complete our brief survey at the following link: Starklane NFT Bridge Survey

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