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Welcome to the 58th edition of my weekly comprehensive Starknet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻 

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StarkNet Community & Shamans Highlights

We’re excited to announce the Early Adopter Grants (EAG) committee, a committee established by the Starknet Foundation (reminder: What is the Starknet Foundation? 22).

The purpose of the EAG committee is to provide an early boost to the Starknet ecosystem via actual on-chain deployments. The committee was given the mandate to operate until June 30, 2023.

Note that this committee focuses solely on grants to projects with on-chain activity. We acknowledge that many early builders on Starknet made significant contributions to the ecosystem through off-chain infrastructure (for example, building developer tools or Cairo libraries). Those will be addressed by the Starknet Foundation through other channels. For more information, see the following post: The Starknet Foundation: Meet the Committees 49.

Since Starknet launched on mainnet (Nov. 2021), the network has undergone major developments and milestones. This progress was made possible thanks to the early adopters of Starknet, who have been building through numerous breaking changes and provided invaluable feedback to the core development team.

The mandate of the EAG committee is to make an initial distribution of STRK tokens to early builders of on-chain applications on Starknet. Our goal with this token allocation is to allow early builders to participate in the operation of the network, through staking and voting.

The committee’s budget is up to 10,000,000 STRK tokens, which will be distributed to projects through multiple rounds.

Today, we kick off the first round of EAG token grants.

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