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Welcome to the 57th edition of my weekly comprehensive Starknet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻 

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StarkNet Community & Shamans Highlights

The first phase of Starknet Governance is launching (more details here 162). From now on, community members will be able to participate in shaping Starknet through an additional channel, namely voting on protocol changes.

In its first phase, Starknet Governance will focus on Starknet protocol upgrades. Every Starknet version upgrade will be deployed on Goerli Testnet; voters will then have a 6-day period to examine and test the upgraded version as it runs on Goerli. During this time, a Snapshot proposal 631 will be opened, and the community can vote on whether to approve or reject the upgraded version for Mainnet deployment.

If the proposal gains a majority of ‘YES’ votes during the 6-day voting period, the proposal will pass and Starknet mainnet will be upgraded accordingly. We expect the vote on Starknet Alpha v0.11.0 49 to be open soon.

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