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Welcome to the 56th edition of my weekly comprehensive Starknet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻

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Over the past year, much attention has been given to growing the Starknet developer ecosystem, optimizing network performance, and establishing governance. While these efforts are essential for building a strong foundation, we need to focus on expanding the Starknet community beyond developers to drive real-world adoption.

Recently the community has seen governance proposals pertaining to wider Starknet user adoption, such as this recent proposal by @david from Nostra on the creation of a “Starknet Governance Fund”. We strongly believe this is a step in the right direction and in the spirit of furthering discussion, we want to propose the creation of a Growth Committee (“GC”) within the Starknet Foundation. As a team building on Starknet, we believe that a more defined onboarding strategy for users would benefit the ecosystem and amplify marketing efforts from individual projects.

The proposed Growth Committee builds on Nostra’s recent proposal for a “Starknet Governance Fund” that focuses on wider Starknet user adoption. We believe that the creation of a Growth Committee is a logical next step to help coordinate and accelerate user onboarding efforts, while providing guidance, governance, and monitoring of the usage of the fund.

Currently, Starknet growth is loosely divided into three parts: developer onboarding, partnership building, and consumer growth.

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