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Welcome to the 55th edition of my weekly comprehensive StarkNet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻

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There are already several proposals in place to incentivize builders on Starknet. However, the Starknet community must now think about the next growth phase with incentives targeting users.

To compete with existing L2s, we propose the Starknet Foundation launch a Starknet Governance Fund (naming TBD), an incentive program targeted at the users of the Starknet ecosystem. We believe that Starknet has a lot of potential to become the number one scaling solution for Ethereum. Setting up an incentive program will motivate talented builders to deploy and incentivize users to bridge across to Starknet and use the growing number of Starknet products. In addition to DeFi, we propose that the Selection Committee (discussed in more detail below) may also consider applications from adjacent areas such as GameFi and NFTs.

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