StarkNet roundup #53

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This newsletter is made possible thanks to ZKX - the first perpetual futures exchange offering self-custody and community governance on Starknet. The exchange will leverage account abstraction and low transaction costs to provide a new generation DEX that is as scalable as a CEX. Experience all this & more from 14th March onwards when ZKX comes to Testnet.Moreover, ZKX has recently launched a gamified Community Incentives Program. Take a trip through the ZKX Yakuza universe as a Contributor, Ambassador, or Testnet Trader and earn exclusive NFTs and future ZKX tokens.

Welcome to the 53th edition of my weekly comprehensive StarkNet summary. The previous update can be found here. 👇🏻 

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Hi StarkNet, my name is Deven Matthews. As a member of the StarkNet Foundation Governance Committee, I’ve been intimately involved in the planning of StarkNet Governance. I’m an acting Governance Facilitator for StarkNet Foundation, and most importantly been managing everything around Delegation in StarkNet Governance. I’m so excited to finally announce StarkNet is ready to invite community members to become Delegates for StarkNet Governance!

Some brief background on myself: I’m a mechanism design researcher at Nethermind 5; and previously lead the Governance department for Blockchain at Berkeley 5 a team that participates as delegates across many Ethereum Defi DAOs.

For any questions about Delegation or Governance, please post in this thread; you can reach out to me on twitter @DevenMat 28, telegram @deven_riley_matthews 7, email [email protected], or through my StarkNet forum account.


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