Starknet monthly recap #8: February

All you need to know about Starknet in February

Starknet monthly recap #8: February

Welcome to the 8th edition of my monthly recap, where I bring you the most important updates and developments from the Starknet ecosystem.

📣 Important news of the month

🔹 The faster prover in the market is coming

StarkWare has unveiled its next-generation prover, Stwo. This new prover allows for significant optimization, particularly in proving speed, leading to faster and more cost-effective TX. In time, Stwo will replace the current Stone prover 👇

🔹 Starknet's main focus this year? Lowering fees!

The roadmap for Starknet's primary projects this year lays a major emphasis on reducing fees. Learn more about it here 👇

🔹 StarkGate 2.0

The latest version of Starknet's official bridge, StarkGate, is now available. This new version introduces the following features: 1-click withdrawal, withdrawal limit, and quick withdrawals.

🔹 The release of the STRK token and its distribution

The biggest event for the community was undoubtedly the airdrop of the STRK token. Here are the main sources you need to understand everything:

🔹 DeFi Spring, the first on-chain incentive campaign on Starknet

The Starknet Foundation has launched its first on-chain incentive campaign, aimed at boosting the APR for Liquidity providers. With a budget of 40M STRK tokens, here is everything you need to know about this campaign:

📢 What About the Ecosystem?

🔹 Starknet Tokens Dashboard by AVNU

AVNU has launched its new product, the Starknet Market Page, listing all the data users need about all tokens live on Starknet.

🔹 Argent Portfolio

Argent has also released a highly anticipated new product for Starknet users: a portfolio tracking service. This service is equivalent to DeBank but for the Starknet ecosystem 👇️ 

🔹 Braavos 2FA

Braavos has launched its 2FA on desktop. With this feature, you can now securely sign transactions using your fingerprint authentication 👇️ 

🔹  Kakarot's testnet is coming

While waiting its arrival, it's important to understand Kakarot's vision and what sets it apart from all the other zkEVMs 👇

🔹  The PAPER token lands on Starknet

The Paper bridge is now live, enabling the transfer of the token on Starknet. You can now participate in the Starknet DeFi with it👇

🔹 New Projects on Mainnet and Testnet

This month, two projects have launched their Mainnet:

  • Haiko, a v4 AMM that offers automated strategies

  • Paradex, a Perp DEX and the first Starknet appchain

Moreover, three other projects have launched their Testnet:

🔹 New Projects Alert:

Every month, new projects emerge or kick-start their journey on Starknet. Here is a list of my latest findings:

  • Grails, the first ERC404 like on Starknet

  • Blobert, a new NFT collection powered by the Realms Ecosystem

  • BrownFidex, a new innovative AMM, based on order-book parameterization

  • Vesus, a Money Market

  • WhalesMarket, a service for concluding OTC deals before the official release of tokens

  • Amegakure, a new gaming studio building two games on Starknet

📰 Some of the Best Content of the Month

🔹 Current opportunities on Starknet

Here is an in-depth tweet explaining why the first airdrop of Starknet is not be the best opportunity for users 👇️ 

If you're seeking a list of projects likely to airdrop on Starknet, look no further 👇️ 

Starknet's first on-chain incentive campaign is now live; learn everything you need to know about it 👇️ 

🔹 Comparative Analysis: Starknet vs. zkSync

Here is a detailed comparison, focusing on the costs and revenues of the two leading ZK 👇️ 

🔹 The Immense Potential of Starknet

For those who question the potential of Starknet, here are nine reasons explaining why Starknet is the most advanced project in the ZK field 👇️ 

🔹 Nurstar Streams about the Starknet Airdrop

Catch up with Nurstar's comprehensive video summary, covering everything you need to know about the historic Starknet airdrop 👇️ 

🔹 Deep Dive into Madara and Kakarot

Only Dust presents two in-depth articles on:

🔹 An event packed with insights into Starknet's future

The Starknet assembly was a significant event, brimming with valuable insights and alpha into the future of Starknet. Despite its importance, this event remains relatively unknown. Until now 👇️ 

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