Starknet monthly recap #2

All you need to know about Starknet in August

Starknet monthly recap #2 : August

Welcome to the second edition of my monthly recap, where I bring you the most important updates and developments from the Starknet ecosystem!

📣 Important news of the month

🚀 Starknet releases the last phase of the Quantum Leap upgrade

Starknet releases its v0.12.1, bringing significant improvements to the network. These improvements include an increased TPS capacity and the integration of failed transactions into blocks. Now, users have to pay for failed transactions, which improves the network's security by preventing certain attacks.

StarkWare is now working on reducing network fees. To learn more about their plan, read this thread.

🦸 Starknet users lost $550k? StarkWare provides a recovery solution

Although v0.12.1 introduced many benefits, it also had a downside: Starknet users who did not update their wallets before the release of this update lost access to their wallets, resulting in a total of $550k lost.

But, if you have been affected, do not worry! StarkWare has set up a system allowing you to update and regain access to your wallet.

🛡 StarkWare: The most decentralized Rollup

Starknet's prover, which has processed over $1 trillion in volume, is now open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. This move champions collaboration, enhances security, and improves code quality. It's a big win for the entire Ethereum community!

As a result, Starknet now boasts the most open-source tech stack among all Rollups!

📢 Starknet Foundation onboarding committee

Starknet Foundation announces the objectives of its onboarding committee (TL;DR: to grow the Starknet ecosystem) and the list of its first Starknet ambassadors! (Your faithful servant is among them 😏)

Speaking of the foundation, a new member has been introduced, an OG from the Solana community, who will now serve as the Growth Lead of the foundation 👇️ 

🚫 End of Warp

Nethermind closes its historical WARP project, the Solidity to Cairo transpiler. This decision was driven by security concerns and the rise of Kakarot, which aims to bring the EVM compatibility to Starknet.

📢 What about the ecosystem ?

🚀 Hito Studios, the first project incubator on Starknet

In collaboration with the Starknet Foundation, Argent HQ announces the launch of Hito Studios, aiming to support and assist new projects on Starknet. If you're looking to build a team, get financial support, or simply need advice, head over here 👇

📲 Argent launches its innovative invisible Wallet

Argent showcases the power of Account Abstraction by launching a web wallet that requires no downloads and eliminates the need to remember or secure a seed phrase!

To use the wallet and access Starknet, all you need now is an email address and a password 👇️ 

🔥 The very first AMM v4 of the entire crypto ecosystem is now live on the Starknet mainnet

Ekubo, the pioneering AMM v4, has just launched on the Starknet Mainnet, bringing with it a multitude of exciting innovations for the Starknet community (concentrated liquidity, cost reduction, increased capital efficiency, extension...) 👇️ 

🎨 A new NFT marketplace on Starknet

Pyramid, an NFT marketplace brought to you by Dolven Labs and StarkGuardians, is now live on Mainnet, enhancing the Starknet NFT marketplace diversity 👇️ 

🤝 Join Carmine's public ambassador program

Contribute to Carmine's growth and earn rewards; whether you're a moderator, writer, designer, memer, or KOL, Carmine wants you!

Get in touch here 👇

🫂 Improve your knowledge of Starknet and Cairo with StarkEasy

StarkEasy, the academy designed to elevate your understanding of StarkNet and Cairo, opens its doors! Lead by Nurstar and Nadai, StarkEasy promises a comprehensive educational experience for all Starknet users 👇️ 

📈 The Starknet ecosystem growths

  • AVNU has processed over $100m in cumulative volume and almost reached this milestone in just a month!

  • SithSwap recently exceeded the $100m mark in cumulative volume since its launch.

  • JediSwap now gathers more than $10 million in TVL.

  • StarkNet's TVL has crossed the $150m mark.

📰 Some of the best content of the month

Improve the Starknet documentation now by following this quick tutorial 👇

Starting with Starknet? Need a wallet? Look no further! Follow this easy guide to set up your Starknet wallet 👇️ 

Wondering about the impacts of the Starknet v0.12.0 and what's coming next? Here's the thread you've been waiting for 👇️ 

Discover the Starknet leading DEX aggregator; Nurstar spills all beans about AVNU in under 5 minutes 👇️ 

Another deep dive with Nurstar: this time introducing the Kakarot project - aiming to bring the EVM into the Starknet ecosystem 👇️ 

Find out why Starknet is pegged as the most promising ecosystem for the gaming sector 👇️ 

Curious about the power of Account Abstraction and why you should care? 👇️ 

To conclude, if you are looking for a mapping of all the L2s currently available on the market and their growth so far, here is the perfect content 👇

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