Starknet monthly recap #10: April

All you need to know about Starknet in April

Starknet monthly recap #10: April

Welcome to the 10th edition of my monthly recap, where I bring you the most important updates and developments from the Starknet ecosystem.

📣 Important news of the month

🔹 Plans for Starknet

While Starknet has already achieved a lot, it's only the beginning. There are many plans in place to improve both the user experience and expand the ecosystem 👇️ 

🔹 Avail Airdrop for Starknet Users

What a surprise! Avail, one of the most anticipated projects offering an optimized Data Availability solution, has announced its plan to airdrop a portion of its supply to Starknet users. Check your eligibility now 👇️ 

🔹 L3 Layers Finally Arrive on Starknet

More than two years after introducing the concept of L3 to the world, L3 on top of Starknet are now possible thanks to Herotodus's Cairo verifier, which enables the verification of Stark proofs directly on the Starknet layer: Integrity.

🔹 Extremely Low Gas Fees on Starknet

Thanks to internal optimizations and EIP4844, Starknet has slashed gas fees significantly, with plans for more reductions over time 👇️ 

🔹 Wallets and Tokens Listing on StarkGate

StarkGate, Starknet's official bridge, has integrated two new wallets and numerous tokens, enhancing bridging possibilities between Ethereum and Starknet:

🔹 Increasing Support for Starknet Developers

A major issue within the Starknet ecosystem is the lack of dApps and projects. To fix this, the Starknet Foundation is accelerating its support programs:

🔹 Better Incentives for Users

In addition to increasing the rewards of the DeFi campaign, the Starknet Foundation has also launched its third phase, incorporating ZKX and Carmine into its incentive campaign 👇️ 

🔹 Resolution for Two Categories of STRK Airdrop Recipients

Pooled stakers and StarkEx users who were mislabeled as VeVe users can now claim their STRK airdrop:

📢 What About the Ecosystem?

🔹 A Big Month for AVNU

This month has been particularly important for AVNU with three major announcements:

  1. Team Expansion: AVNU is scaling up by recruiting for five new positions. If you're looking to work with a leading dApp and one of the best teams in the market, check out the opportunities here: Join AVNU.

  2. New Feature - Paymaster: AVNU has publicly launched its new Paymaster feature, allowing users to pay gas fees in USDC/USDT in addition to ETH and STRK. This infrastructure is also offered to other Starknet projects aiming to completely abstract transaction fees in the near future on Starknet. Learn more.

  3. Integration with Braavos: Braavos has integrated AVNU into its swap feature, enabling users to get the best execution possible directly from their wallets. See details.

🔹 Argent X Finally Live on Mobile

Users can now directly import the Argent X wallet on mobile, greatly reducing frictions 👇️ 

🔹 Ekubo's DCA Feature Goes Live

Swappers can now use Ekubo's DCA feature to automatically accumulate crypto over time and completely on-chain 👇️ 

🔹 New Projects on Mainnet and Testnet

This month, two new projects was launched on Mainnet:

🔹 New Projects Alert:

  • MusicDex: Aiming to make the music industry more open and transparent

  • X10 Exchange: An UX-oriented Perp DEX built by former members of Revolut team

📰 Some of the Best Content of the Month

🔹 Exclusive Interview with Louis Guthmann and Henri

Discover Starknet's vision and future plans through an enriching conversation with Louis Guthmann, Head of Product at StarkWare, and Henri, Head of Developer Relations at the Starknet Foundation 👇️

🔹 Starknet Roadmap Explained in Simple Terms

The two next major Starknet upgrades are set to significantly increase the TPS capacity of the network. Here's how 👇️

🔹 Memecoin Season Powered by UnrugMemecoin

Memecoins have significantly driven many ecosystems, and have a crazy importance in the branding of some well-known projects, such as Monad and Berachain to name a few.

Here is the current state of the Memecoin sector, why this sector is important and why Unruggable will play a vital role should a Memecoin season arise on Starknet 👇️ 

🔹 Starknet situation

Here is an article summarizing the situation of Starknet and the opportunities available within our ecosystem 👇️ 

🔹 Understanding Starknet's Scaling in 8 Minutes

Easily learn how Starknet scales Ethereum with this video series, covering 👇️

None of the content of this newsletter is financial advice. Always do your own research.

Thank you for reading, and see you in April for the next monthly recap. ⏳

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